The herein sale general terms and conditions apply to any order for service supply and gift voucher related to the services performed on website and in our premises at the Moorea Intercontinental Resort & Spa hotel.

These general terms and conditions can be supplemented by particular conditions that are to be found on our Internet Site. They can be modified without notice, and only the sales general terms and conditions on-line at the date of the order may apply.

The Client recognizes they have previously been informed hereof and that they have duly accepted them. They may download or print them out at the time of order o at any other time
The Client recognizes having the ability to come to an agreement, being an adult according to the legislation of their country of nationality and not placed under any guardianship, tutorship or legal adult protected tutelage measures that would restrain their capacity to sign any agreement. The Client also recognizes they have the physical ability needed for the activity ordered and they are advised a medical certificate may be required by the provider according to the activity to be performed.
In the event such certificate could not be submitted as requested, as the Client should first make sure, prior to the ride, that their physical condition makes them fit for the proposed activity, the provider will be entitled to refuse to provide the corresponding service and this refusal will not entail any right to refunding. These provisions are also valid for the final user of a gift-voucher, as the client must, prior to the passing of order, make sure their physical condition makes them fit for the activity.
Moorea Parasailing will do whatever they can so that the activity descriptions be as accurate and exact as possible, and to carry out necessary real-time updating. Any error or omission during the editing of descriptive material would be totally unintended and could not involve any responsibility of  Moorea Parasailing.
Descriptive material, visuals or video footage associated to these services, do not have any contractual value.
Proposals remain valid as long as they are mentioned on-line on our site, unless they are unavailable.
In case an activity becomes unavailable, the beneficiary agrees to modify the date of the activity according to the provider’s known availabilities.

PRACTISING THE ACTIVITY: Practicing our activity requires to comply with the minimum age set forth and to be free from any medical countraindication (recent surgery, pregnancy…), it is necessary to be well aware of the risks related to the whole of our activities which take place in an unsecured natural environment.
Each participant shall apply all tutoring professional directives and guidelines

MINOR CLIENTS: Parental Authorization: For any unaccompanied minor, and whatever the activity under practice, a parental authorization is compulsory in any structure entrusting minors to our care. In all of our activities, « minor » children must imperatively be accompanied by a parent or a tutor of age.

THE MATERIAL: The equipments and materials supplied by  « Moorea Parasailing » are approved and comply with the security standards currently applicable.

THE SUPERVISING TEAM: The Moorea Parasailing instructors hold a State delivered Diploma. Any participation to whatever activity is subject to their personal assessment according to the moral behavior, physical skills and sports abilities of the participants..
The staging of the activity and the choice of flight routes is left to the instructors’ exclusive discretion.

SECURITY AND SAFETY: Before each departure, a briefing is made on how to use the material and about safety rules. The feasibility of the activity and the choice of flight routes is left to the discretion of the instructors who will take into account weather conditions and the individual physical fitness and ability of the participants to go on a ride..

WEATHER CONDITIONS:  All our activities are performed outdoors. As a result, weather conditions have to be considered before deciding on the feasibility of our activities. The rides are left to the free discretional decision of the professional who manages the activity.  According to weather conditions, your flight may be postponed to a later date taking into account your availability. If eventually the activity is performed by « Moorea Parasailing », there will be no possible refunding.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Moorea Parasailing will deny whatever responsibility in case of loss or theft of your personal belongings. You are strongly advised not to bring in any valuables.

INSURANCE:  Your safety and preventive measures being our prime concern, Moorea Parasailing has a Professional Civil Responsibility Insurance covering theses activities. Nonetheless, we strongly advise each participant to subscribe an Individual Civil Responsibility Insurance policy.

RESPONSIBILITY : Moorea Parasailing may not be held responsible in case of non-performance or defective performance of the contract on the Client’s part, or due to  unpredictable fact or else to Force Majeure. The Client or Beneficiary must make sure they are in good physical condition to perform the Activity. Moorea Parasailing is discharged from any responsibility as to the loss or theft of the Voucher.

RESERVATION AND PAYMENT MODALITIES : Reservations are to be placed on our internet site or at our sale desks, according to availabilities. Any application will only be taken into account after receipt of full payment. By your reservation and payment you are deemed to acknowledge having been informed on our general sales conditions and  to accept them. Within the registration of a group or of several persons, the subscriber commits to inform all of the participants and get their approval of the general sales conditions and other relevant documentation. The validation of the order by the Client forces them to pay. The Client shall be debited with the amount of the service to be provided at the time of their purchase validation. Moorea parasailing shall immediately be credited with this sum under the purchase of this service or of a gift-voucher valid during the current season.

The payment of the service may be done:

In cash or by checks at our premises.
By bank debit or credit cards on the secured payment interface of our website. The welcome cards include : CARTE BLEUE, VISAS, EUROCARD-MASTER CARD to the exclusion of any other.
In case a payment is declined by the authorization center or the checking service, the order is cancelled and the client will have to renew their on-line payment with relevant means or pay on-site in cash or by check.

CUSTOMER’S RIGHT OF CANCELLATION:  Any cancellation on your side before the date of the beginning of the activity to be performed should be sent by email to the following  email address or by regular mail to the following address:  « Moorea Parasailing – Moorea 98729 Papetoai PO Box 1326 ».
In case of cancellation more than 48 hours before the date of your ride, the amounts already paid will be fully refunded to you.
In case of rescission or cancellation less than 48 hours in advance, you will be billed up to 75% of the total amount of the service to be provided.
Any cancellation within a less-than-24 hour period will not give right to any reimbursement.
In case of impossibility for you to perform the activity, you may propose another person, provided however this person meets the same conditions and requirements without any regard to the reservation fees already engaged in your name that would therefore remain due. You have to advise us of this possibility within a period starting 30 days and ending 48 hours maximum before the activity is fulfilled.

Any activity interrupted or not performed following a decision of the participant or subscriber, whatever the reason for it, shall not be refunded
CANCELATION BY MOOREA PARASAILING : The tutoring State-Diploma holding professional  staff reserves the right to change, with or without notice, the flight routes according to the weather forecasts. If « Moorea Parasailing » find themselves in the total obligation to cancel a departure, whatever the reasons, the participants will be fully refunded without any possible claim to further compensation.

REFUNDING :  In case of any right to refund granted to a Client, the reimbursement will be made by bank transfer within a maximum time period of thirty days from the day this right has been acquired and it will not yield interests if the payment is performed within said time period.  

RATES : The rates of the services on sale on our website  are expressed in Pacific Francs inclusive of all taxes. The descriptions of the on-line proposed services give details about the elements included in the prices.
The sale price of the activities and the gift-voucher do not include the shipping cost invoiced in addition to the price when the Gift Voucher cannot be delivered in an electronic way.
Rates may vary at any time without advance notice.
The price for the Services is billed on the base of the applicable rate at the time of order validation.
Our prices do not include: accommodation, meals, drinks which are not part of the tour services and personal expenses.

INTELLECTUAL AUDIOVISUAL PROPERTY AND IMAGE RIGHTS: By participating to one of our activities, you expressly and unconditionally agree that your image be used for promotional and advertising purposes on any of our «  paper »  information documents and on  our modern communication and telecom media (Video footages, Photos, Social Networks), except written request from you to the contrary. According to Law n°78-17 as of January 6th, 1978 related to the collection of computer data and files and to individual liberties, you are granted full access thereto and the right to amend or withdraw personal data collected.

ON-LINE PAYMENT : through your on-line reservation and payment « Moorea Parasailing » certifies having no access to your bank details.

GOVERNING LAW – DISPUTES : the mandate agreement reached between the Customer and Moorea parasailing is governed by the French law.

Any claim should be reported in writing to Moorea parasailing along with all relevant substantiating documents

CUSTOMER SERVICE : For any further information or reservation request, please contact us :
Call phone number  :+689 87 312 292
Send E- mail :
by post to : Moorea parasailing – PO Box 1326 Moorea 98729 Papetoai